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Advent in Prague

December 9, 2017 / 5PM

A. Michna, A. C. Mentzel, A. Reichenauer, J. L. Oehlschlägel, V. K. Holan Rovenský
Victoria Ensemble, Eva Bublová – Positive Organ, Viktorie Dugranpere – artistic leader

Antonín Celestýn MENTZEL
1684 – 1740 
Rorate coeli I, IV, VII
1600 – 1676 
Ave of Maria
Behold, the Lord, our Savior, will come, Advent song
cca 1694 – 1730 
Vulnerasti cor meum, offertorium
1724 – 1788 
O, oriens, Antifone
Gunther Wenzel JACOB
1685 – 1734 
Rorate coeli
cca 1694 – 1730 
O coeli rorate
Audi filia et vide, offertorium
Offertorium de visitatione BMV
Václav Karel Holan ROVENSKÝ
1644 – 1718 
Ay, golden Eagle flying, from Capella regia musicalis
Why we don't make our life better, from Capella regia musicalis
Angel Gabriel, the pure delegate, from Capella regia musicalis
Program subject to change

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Advent in Prague

Eva Bublová

Positive Organ

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