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Organ Wednesday

May 7, 2014 / 6PM

J. K. Kerll, G. Ph. Telemann, J. G. Walther, J. Kuhnau, J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi
Eva Bublová – Organ

Johann Kaspar KERLL
1627 – 1693
Friedrich Wilhelm ZACHOW
1663 – 1712
Christ lag in Todesbanden, Selection from Mass
Georg Philipp TELEMANN
1681 – 1767
Christ lag in Todesbanden, Selection from Mass
Johann C. F. FISCHER
1656 – 1746
Chaconne (Suita Euterpé)
Johann Gottfried WALTHER
1684 – 1748
Preludio con Fuga e Aria
Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag, Partita
Antonio VIVALDI - J. S. BACH
1678 – 1741; 1685 – 1750
Concerto in F Major, BWV 978 (RV 310)
   Allegro - Largo - Allegro
1660 – 1722
Biblical Sonata No I - The Fight between David and Goliath
   1. Goliath´s stamping and ranting
   2. The trembling of the Israelites, and their prayer to God at the sight of this horrid enemy
   3. The steadfastness of David, his urge to crush the giant´s boastful defiance, and his childlike trust in God´s help
   4. The challenging words exchanged between David and Goliath, and the fight itself, in which the stone is slung into Goliath´s forehead, by which he is felled and even killed
   5. The flight of the Philistines, as well as how the Israelites chase them and slay them by the sword
   6. The rejoicing of the Israelites at this victory
   7.The concert to the glory of David, performed by the women in choirs
   8. And finally the general happiness which shows itself in an abundance of dancing and frolicking
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