Mašek Libor


Libor Mašek graduated from the Brno Conservatory in the field of cello, followed by the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno in the class of prof. Bedřich Havlík. Here he also graduated in organ playing (Mgr. Petr Kolař), organ improvisation and choir management in the field of sacred music. From the beginning of his studies, he devoted himself to the interpretation of Baroque music in the Telemann Baroque Collegium and Cappella Apollinis. During these years he completed a number of master classes in cello and organ interpretation of so-called early music. He has been a member of the Collegium 1704 ensemble since 2003. He is often invited to collaborate with other ensembles specializing in the interpretation of early music: eg Musica Florea, Ensemble Inégal, Collegium Marianum, Czech Ensemble Baroque. He has been a member of its cello group since the founding of the Prague Chamber Philharmonic (1994). In the church of St. Antonína has been working as an organist in Holešovice, Prague, for eight years. He teaches basso continuo at the Prague Conservatory and baroque cello at the Academy of Early Music in Brno. In addition, he writes and sparts old sources of music into its current notational form. The opposite of the popularity of music 17-18. century is an interest in 20th century music. Now it is mainly electronic music (Musique concrete), for the realization of which he uses his own modest studio of electronic musical instruments.